San Jose Grandma Saves Teen’s Life, Teen Responds With Open Letter

San Jose |
| By Sierra Jones

Violent crime is rising against seniors and women, and authorities are urging residents to carry a simple new safety device that can thwart even the most vicious of attackers

After a recent increase in crime in San Jose, one smart Grandma decided to make sure her family is protected.

After Beatrix heard the news that the police have issued a public safety alert in the San Jose area due to a recent increase in criminal activity, she decided to take steps to make sure her family was protected, and boy did it pay off when it saved her granddaughter’s life!

This is an inspiring story of family love and bravery, though it could have ended up deadly if Genevieve didn’t have Beatrix as an amazing grandma!

16-year-old Genevieve wanted to publicly share the story about how her loving grandmother gave her a device that saved her life and warn others about the dangers of internet dating.

She sent this open letter to her grandma to us so she could share what a hero her grandma is with the world:

Dear Grandma,

I rolled my eyes when you gave me the Safe Siren personal alarm. I never thought I would need it. I never felt like I was in any danger.

I was so wrong.

I put it on my purse anyway because you insisted. To be honest, I planned on taking it off as soon as you left, but I forgot.

Then I went on an internet date. Ya, I know, I’m too young. And mom always says I’m not allowed to date until college.

And even the dating website says you can’t go on until you’re 18. But I didn’t want to wait 2 years to get a boyfriend! All my friends have boyfriends.

So I lied about my age and said I was 18.

I should have known better, after everything you and mom said, but I didn’t.

I thought Ross seemed nice when we matched. His pictures seemed super nice. He had a dog in them and his profile said he loves tennis, just like me. Plus, it said he was only 20.

I fell for his lies…

We started texting and we got along great, he gave me a ton of compliments. Then he asked me to meet him for coffee and I agreed. The 1st sign something was wrong is he said he could only meet after dark. But I wanted him to like me so I agreed anyway.

I got to the cafe early because I was so excited and ordered a coffee and went to sit down. I stared nervously at everyone entering the door, waiting for Ross.

But I didn’t recognize him when he came in because he was obviously at least 10 years older than his profile said, and had this weird mustache.

I wanted to leave as soon as he sat down and introduced himself. I wanted to leave because he lied to me about his age, but then I remembered I lied to him about my age too and I felt bad.

I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by leaving so soon, so I decided to give him a chance.

But it was the most awkward, creepy conversation of my life!

He kept staring at my chest and trying to insist on buying me more coffee and asked weird questions like if this was my first date and what size pants I wear and when I had my first period.

I finished my coffee quickly and told him I needed to go. He said fine and asked me to walk me to my car at least.

The parking lot was dark and empty, and his van was parked right next to mine. When we got closer, he suddenly grabbed me painfully by the wrist and yanked, trying to pull me into the back of his van.

I screamed, but he covered my mouth with his hand.

That’s when I remembered the Safe Siren on my purse. I pulled it with my free hand and the alarm went off, blaring so loudly it hurt my ears, but it was worth it because it saved my life!

“Ross” let go of me, got into his van and sped away, as workers from the cafe came running outside to see what was going on.

It is a blessing that the cafe was able to review security footage and find him based on his license plate.

“Ross” (names have been changed) ended up being a convicted offender who was out on parole. He still had ropes in the back of his van when the police found him.

Grandma, I want you to know you saved my life by giving me a Safe Siren and I want to share my story with everyone so they know the dangers of meeting someone online and so I could share how grateful I am.

I love you so much and I am so grateful you cared about my safety even when I didn’t care about my own.

I really don’t know what would have happened to me if I didn’t have you and my trusty Safe Siren.

Your loving grandchild,


What is it?

The Safe Siren is a revolution in personal safety, scientifically optimized and proven to work.

Personal alarms have long been known to help people out of sticky situations—whether it’s:

  • a fall
  • a medical emergency
  • or to scare off an attacker.

The high decibel personal alarm is safe for anyone to use, but effective against many enemies!

After years of development and designs, the folks at Safe Siren found the right combination of ease of use with stunning effectiveness. The Safe Siren is the discreet and wildly effective personal alarm of choice for any of loved one—from toddlers to grandmas!

Wow! What a great letter! It’s awesome Genevieve cared enough to share her story publicly.

We reached out to Safe Siren founder for comment, “I’m not surprised,” Sandy Martison says, “I came up with Safe Siren primarily to help women feel safe and ward off attackers, but every day I get to hear stories about people using it in ways I never expected.”

“Just the other day I was told a story about a little girl using it to scare away a large dog and a toddler using it to call for help for his grandma, who was having a stroke.”

She goes on to say, “We created Safe Siren to be easily accessible because that is the largest problem with other self-defense devices.”

“Pepper spray, for instance, is not appropriate for children and only works if you literally have it in your hands and if the wind is blowing the wrong direction you risk getting it in your face and being worse off than ever.”

“And unlike pepper spray, Safe Siren is reusable. It works as long as the batteries run.”

We asked the San Jose police what they think of Safe Siren and the chief of police had this to say, “Crime has been on the rise in recent years all over, but San Jose has had a terrible growth in crime in the last several months and statistically, the best way to protect oneself is to be able to call for help. Safe Siren encourages people to do just that times 100.”

It is estimated that a full 93% of crimes could be prevented if only the victim was able to call for help loud enough.

Safe Siren is already owned by thousands of people, including in Genevieve’s siblings and cousins, thanks to her grandma, Beatrix.

Hundreds of crimes have been prevented by Safe Siren, criminals caught and lives rescued, every day.

After hearing these incredible stories, we decided we just had to learn more about Safe Siren.


Behold the Ear-splitting Power of Safe Siren

Safe Siren is a re-usable personal alarm keychain that makes a sound of 132 Decibels when the chain is pulled. To shut off the sound, simply push the chain back in.

1. Get Ready

Make sure your batteries work and then simply attach the Safe Siren to a keychain, item of clothing, or purse.

2. Pull the Keychain

If you ever feel in danger or need to call for help during a medical emergency or need to scare off a large animal, simply pull the keychain.

1. Done

Push the chain back in. It is an easy in-out snap.

Safe Siren is the product of astonishing innovation—they have taken the well-known safety benefits of personal alarms, and combined them with the best technology that our modern times have to offer.

No longer do we need to mess around with a whistle or try to use dangerous personal safety weapons that may harm us instead of our attackers. The Safe Siren works easily by instantly releasing a super-powered, high decibel alarms, that can be heard from long distances.

And the Safe Siren is so simple to use, that even a child could effectively use it! It requires no special strength or training. And because it simply deploys a high-decibel alarm, and nothing harmful, even if it is let off by accident, there will be no lasting harm, like often happens with weapons like pepper spray.

Once the high decibel alarm has been set off, we are safe from a variety of situations. A mugger or attacker hates attention, and will be scared off by the alarm. The high pitched, high decibel sound will scare away any vicious animal. And if someone has fallen and can’t get up, it’s so important that they get attention and help quickly. The Safe Siren does all of that and more.

Is It Worth It?

Short answer—yes!

The Safe Siren is the ultimate in safety prevention. We would much rather buy an affordable Safe Siren than a new purse stolen by muggers, or expensive medical bills from a prolonged and costly hospital stay, that would have been so much shorter if the person who fell got immediate medical attention.

The Safe Siren is also more affordable, and longer-lasting than other so-called personal safety weapons, like pepper spray or knives. And the likelihood of these weapons being turned on the victim herself is so high, that they are more dangerous and expensive to use than they are worth!

Instead, with Safe Siren, we get the powerful, ultimate personal safety alarm for pennies on the dollar!

And for less than the cost of a dinner, we can keep ourselves and our families safe from many threats.

Just check out what these verified Safe Siren customers have to say:

Senior Safety

“I got the Safe Siren for myself because I’m so afraid of falling and being stuck alone on the ground for hours. That happened to a friend of mine last winter, and she never recovered from it. The poor dear fell outside of her garage, broke her ankle AND her hip, and spent hours crawling and yelling, desperate to get someone’s attention. By the time they found her, she had permanent damage and spent months in the hospital. She’s never been the same. I was so scared after that I hardly left the house. But then, my daughter got me a Safe Siren. Now, I feel secure at all times, knowing that if anything happened to me, I would get help so quickly. This thing is DANG loud and I know no one could ignore it! I feel like I have my life back now that I have a Safe Siren with me.”

Mad Dog

“My grandson can be a little bit of a menace. He likes to run around the yard, and hide in strange spots. It’s not easy to keep up with him! I decided to get him a Safe Siren because I heard a story about 2 boys in our town getting snatched from their yards. Little did I know that little Charlie would be saving me! Here’s what happened. One day, I was on the front porch with Charlie, when a neighbor’s crazy bad Doberman got loose and started charging up my walkway, right toward us! Well, I was shocked and frozen, but not Charlie! I had told him to set off the Safe Siren if there was ever any danger, so he did!! And BOY was it loud! The Doberman immediately stopped in its tracks and went whining all the way home. Now EVERYONE in my family gets a Safe Siren for the holidays!”

Surprise Attack

“My ex-husband is a real scumbag. Now, I know it takes two to tango, but I didn’t know that he had gotten in deep with some really shady characters. It was so scary! And even though I was glad to see the last of him, it was scary being alone in the house with those shady people still hanging around trying to find him. I told my police-man brother, and he recommended the Safe Siren. When I got it, I thought—this little thing? Would it really stop these nasty thugs? Long story short, it did. I heard someone trying to jimmy my window open, and immediately grabbed the Safe Siren from my bedside table and set it off. The guy scampered away faster than a rabbit, and I haven’t seen any of those characters since! I couldn’t believe it, but the Safe Siren really worked!

After reading those testimonials, we think that the Safe Siren sounds like a no-brainer!!

And after Genevieve shared her story, Safe Siren, which is only available online, is on its way to selling out nation-wide.

We reached out to Grandma Beatrix on her thoughts about the open letter and she had this to say:

“I hope Genevieve learned her lesson, but Safe Siren is the smartest purchase I ever made! I’m just grateful that Genevieve is safe and had a Safe Siren with her! I would buy it a million times over, if it was gonna save my grandchildren’s life just once!”

Authorities Recommend Safe Siren

Authorities have been wholeheartedly behind Safe Siren since its introduction, spurring its popularity and leading to the device selling out repeatedly.

It’s also racked up thousands of five-star reviews:

Ok, How Much Does It Cost?

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